Pro-Tech Implementing State-Of-The-Art Software System

Cloud-based system will improve customer service and processing efficiency

ROCHESTER, NY – October 12, 2015 – Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. is currently working with Rootstock Software to implement an advanced management system, which will be launched early next year.  This new software system will allow for better visibility between departments via real-time data that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device.

Because the system is cloud-based it eliminates the need for additional IT staff and the time it takes to manage multiple servers onsite.  More importantly, Pro-Tech is excited how this system will benefit the customer.

“This system will allow us to respond to customers quicker, assess their needs, and provide more accurate information,” says marketing director Jered Shuknecht.  “The internal efficiencies we will gain will also allow us to provide customers with even better rates.”

Rootstock Software is built on the platform, which allows it to be compatible with a number of other applications including, a leader in customer service management software.

The launch of this system follows a number of enhancements Pro-Tech has made over the past several years to their steel processing capabilities.   Earlier this year Pro-Tech began offering robotic welding services and in 2014 finished the installation of a Messer plasma cutting table.

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